"After attending Tarot Master Class training weekend with Anne, I am now working doing Tarot readings. I already have clients who are very complimentary and will use me again. I trust the cards and am pleased that after years of trying to understand something I longed to understand I do. I am not afraid to charge for readings either now as I trust in what I am seeing. Anne has a most wonderful system that teaches you 78 cards, something I thought I would never acheive, yet I did. I have no doubts, you can acheive it too! I have a Tarot party booked, and several readings coming up. It has changed my life for the better. I continue to work with Anne Rose, who for me is truly amazing, so naturally gifted and a gentle tutor, who wants to share with you all her knowledge and show you how to access your gifts. Fantastic! Fantastic...:)) Highly recommended to those who are interested in really learning the Tarot!" ~ Amanda Norman (Luton)

Thank you for an insightful, amazing weekend. Since the course I have given two readings that were astounding and through recommendation have now got a booking from my first paying customer. Best wishes for the future, love ~ Bill (Milton Keynes)

 Just sending you a note to say thanks for your excellent course. As you know I spent three years trying to learn this from a book and got nowhere. Yet in only two short days you've given me the knowledge and confidence to give a professional Tarot consultation. I would recommend this workshop to anyone. Worth every penny. ~ Gail (London)

Thank you Anne for an inspiring, informative and awesome weekend! Great value for money. Big hugs & Blessed be xxx Jeff Tilley (Milton Keynes)

Amazing to realise that in such a short time one can learn the 78 cards in the Tarot. Fascinating and relaxing teaching style from Anne and great course food. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. ~ James Holloway (London)

I would recommend this course to anyone, it has opened my eyes to healing and I'm confident going forward into becoming a professional Tarot reader. Very benificial, Thank You  ~ Maria (Milton Keynes)

Thank you so much for teaching me to read the Tarot cards, You have an amazing way to teach in a clear and beautiful way. I truely believe that the way you explained everything has helped me to understand the power within. Thank you so much for helping me. Love Kari (Milton Keynes)

When I did Anne's course I didn't know what to expect; it turned out to be one of the most important times of my life. Anne's brilliant and expert teaching of the Tarot not only enabled me to help others, but it also brought me a deeper understanding of myself and that spiritual part of me that needed re-awakening. Thanks Anne - forever love xxx Ted (Milton Keynes)

I Loved this course. I now recognise my own spirituality and trust it. Fantastic food, Lovely company! Thank you so much xx Amanda D (Milton Keynes)

Thank You so Much Anne, I loved the course, it was above my expectations and I was amazed as to how I memorized all of the cards, definately due to Anne's teaching skills. I would recommend this course and am happy to have met you. Thank You! Bruno G (Milton Keynes )

I Loved learning to read the cards, loved the teaching. I now believe my intuition more. A Great Experience. Mrs A. Rawandale (Milton Keynes)

The Best thing I've done for myself and hopefully others. It's been an incredible journey with an amazing teacher. The food was Fab. Tonya W (Milton Keynes)

 The course taught me to read the Tarot in two days, after years of trying to learn from books. I could not have believed how much I learned at the beginning of the course. The food was amazing! Fiona (Milton Keynes)

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